Tech ‘n Twenty: Read, Write, Map…What!?! Webinar Links

Thanks to the cozy crowd that joined me this evening at the TCEA Tech ‘n Twenty webinar.  Here are the links for all those that couldn’t be there.



Verne’s 80 Days:

™ Basic Time Zones and Stops

™ Full activity with My World GIS at NatGeo

Dr. Snow’s Cholera Maps

™ Activity:

™ Map:

Puzzles: The Chocolate Caper

™ Activity:

™ Map:

Common Core Reading Standards and GIS:


Great Watermelon Conumdrum

Add Your Haiku:


English Teacher’s Guide to Mapping

™ Authors

™ Context and Setting

™ Journeys

Human Geography maps:  

English, SS and Geography maps:

Earth Science maps:

NCGE Webinar PPT

NCGE Webinar Program

The Power of Questions in Lesson Planning

The Power of Questions in Lesson Planning

Because much of my work these days is based in geospatial technologies, the notion of questions and problem solving is common among my colleagues’ discussions; however, that’s not the same elsewhere.  As you plan your next year’s activities, perhaps we need to examine the right questions.

When you’re creating and planning experiences for students in the classroom, I like to consider the top questions that remind me of my English teacher days and teaching short story anatomy.

WHO: author, audience, subject

WHEN: context, history, time, year

WHERE: place, era, region, location

HOW: methods, plans, philosophy, organization, structure

WHY: purpose, explain, analyze, think, investigate, research

WHAT’S NEXT: plan, propose, conclude, consult

WHAT IF: suppose, conclude, plan, conjecture, imagine

And, ultimately the big question gets answered, “Why do I need to know this?”