T.S. Spivet gives perspective

T.S. Spivet gives perspective

Companion Questions

The *.pdf document contains an introduction, map link and questions for all the chapters.  They were  created originally for a bright 6th grader.

My friend, Ninja, and I set out on an epic journey of our own this past academic year.  As part of our adventure, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to include T.S. Spivet’s adventure.  I looked high and low for lesson plans or activities (Why reinvent the wheel?!) but did not find it.

I created a set of Companion Questions to accompany an academic exploration of Reif Larsen’s The Selected Works of T.S. Spivet.

I’m sharing them here and hope that you and your students pack your bag and go exploring!


Esri EdUC 2014: GIS for Common Core

Esri EdUC 2014: GIS for Common Core


Home base for using GIS to teach Common Core Standards

Each year, I’m challenged to continue creating resources and materials that are relevant and useful.  Last summer, I debuted my correlation between using Story Maps from Esri to using in Common Core reading instruction.

This summer I have added Common Core Math to the collection and created a home base portal to keep us all organized.

I have not exhausted all the possibilities available in geospatial technologies to do a great job integrating these powerful tools into the Common Core Standards or classroom lessons.  I believe these indexes serve as a “jumping off place” or “kickstarter” for your own applications.

I’m presenting these new creations at the Esri EdUC 2014 on Saturday, July 12th at 3:15pm in La Costa.  Join us for a great session!

Tech ‘n Twenty: Read, Write, Map…What!?! Webinar Links

Thanks to the cozy crowd that joined me this evening at the TCEA Tech ‘n Twenty webinar.  Here are the links for all those that couldn’t be there.


Dickens: http://bit.ly/1gYBtW8

Verne’s 80 Days:

™ Basic Time Zones and Stops http://bit.ly/1gYAOnt

™ Full activity with My World GIS at NatGeo http://bit.ly/1gYB9Xu

Dr. Snow’s Cholera Maps

™ Activity: http://bit.ly/1gYCJZp

™ Map: http://bit.ly/1gYD4ey

Puzzles: The Chocolate Caper

™ Activity: http://bit.ly/1bV8DjU

™ Map: http://bit.ly/1gYAFAs

Common Core Reading Standards and GIS: www.barbareeduke.com/commoncore


Great Watermelon Conumdrum http://bit.ly/1gYBQjs

Add Your Haiku: http://bit.ly/12l0PW1


English Teacher’s Guide to Mapping

™ Authors http://bit.ly/1gYzYan

™ Context and Setting http://bit.ly/1gYA2Xy

™ Journeys http://bit.ly/1gYA5mg

Human Geography maps: http://bit.ly/1el8Npb  

English, SS and Geography maps: http://barbareeduke.com/mymaps

Earth Science maps: http://bit.ly/16Gik5s

NCGE Webinar PPT

NCGE Webinar Program http://www.ncge.org/webinar-schedule