Texas in February for TCEA 2016

Texas in February for TCEA 2016

i'm presenting at tcea 2016

UPDATE: My handout from the session, click here.

If you’re looking for cool things related to geospatial technology, digital maps, interactive online mapping….and need it to be free for your school. (Yes, FREE! No catch…really!)

Join the TCEA GEOSIG at one of these presentation during the annual conference in February!

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Elementary Social Studies: Thinking Spatially

12:00-1 pm in Room 17A

Tom Baker & Anita Palmer

Connect with Your Community Using 21st Century Tools

3:30pm-5pm  in Room 6B

Carolyn Mitchell & Roger Palmer


Enhancing Social Studies with Digital Maps

1:30-3pm in Room 4A

Tom Baker, Anita Palmer & Chris Bunin

Dead Authors, Dusty Books and Mapping Their Connections

1:30-3pm  in Room 6B

Barbaree Duke


GEO-SIG Luncheon: Dining with Drones

11:30-1:30 in Hilton Room 415AB

GIS: A Poet’s Tool

GIS: A Poet’s Tool

The world of GIS and data may seem like an unlikely tool for your reading, literature or writing class but with a little creative wit you can invent some great connections with data tools.  So…”editable feature service” sounds like a fancy data term.  It can be, much like math class’s “reciprocal” (fancy math term for the flip). These types of services are being used around the globe daily to impact our lives and help change communities. Citizens and employees alike are collecting data in the field about all sorts of things…bugs, lights, traffic, graffiti, trash, etc. I suggest that the same tool can transform in a writing tool…WHAAAT?! Yep…that’s right…I mean, write!

Let’s start with simple writing, haiku, a short poem.  The structure is limited to 17 syllables and further bound by a number of syllables per line. I created a simple table (CSV), then made it an editable feature service in ArcGIS online.  Once you make a map with that data and dress it up with a lovely app, you’ve got something handy…an opportunity for folks to write about their favorite spot and archive the data! Now that’s not your city planner’s feature service anymore! It’s a creative writing tool that gives visual clues and shares experiences.

Join the geospatial revolution and start writing with a map!

Click the image to put your poem on the map!

Click the image to put your poem on the map!