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In partnership with the talented folks at GISetc, we offer a wide range of services to assist you at any stage of your geospatial development.  Whether you’re a teacher starting out or a district that is ready to implement, we have the right skills and content to collaborate for success.

Academic Coaching: Reading, Math, Writing, History, Science (local only)

Webinars: Presentations, Series, Management, Online Instruction

Consulting: Curriculum Development, Integrating Geospatial Technologies and Implementing Geospatial Technology Programs

Professional Development for Teachers

Lesson plan and curriculum development includes the “soup to nuts” and then some: alignment to National and local standards, student and teacher guidelines, answer keys, reproducible handouts and data.  There are some great examples of such work at the National Center for Rural STEM Education Outreach – Geospatial Education www.isat.jmu.edu/stem/curriculum.html.

We also are eager to help you strategically plan,  integrate or implement geospatial technologies throughout the core curriculum areas into your school, district or state.

Suggested Topics include:

  • Introduction to GIS and GPS
  • Introduction to GIS and GPS in Educational Environments
  • Integrating Geospatial Technologies into the Classroom
  • Online Mapping for K-12 Classrooms
  • Bringing Real World Data into the Classroom
  • Integrating Technology into Traditional Classrooms

Formats include:

  • Multimedia Presentation – a perfect experience for large audiences and introductory short sessions.
  • One Day Workshops – a great way to introduce these technologies in a hands-on environment to get folks started with geospatial concepts.
  • Multi-day Workshops (typically 2-3 days) – an ideal scenario that not only introduces but extends the hands-on experiences making the participants most prepared for a wide-range of technologies and situations.
  • One-Two Week Institutes – the all-inclusive experience which takes participants from introduction to implementation with the valuable time to troubleshoot, collaborate and create to meet their specific needs and be the most successful.
  • Support – all options include this invaluable commodity…ongoing support…for as long as you need it!

Call us today and join the geospatial revolution! 

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