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English Language Arts/Cross-Curricular

Oil Spill Essay Assignment

Have students explore the best course of action for the current oil spill crisis in the Gulf of Mexico. 1-page document (*.pdf)

From the blog entry on "To Grandmother's House We Go"...all the ArcGIS files (*.zip, 32MB) you need to explore!

ArcGIS Explorer layer packages (*.zip, 30MB) are here and online at (search all content for "thanksgiving").

Out of Bounds: A Cross-Curricular Baseball Unit is an overview of activities for four core subjects in middle school surrounding the theme of baseball.  The unit integrates GIS technology to offer students analytical and creative opportunities.

Unit overview and links to GIS lessons (*.pdf)

Twain's Travels is a 34 page lesson pack that includes: introductions, national objectives, language arts activities for "The Celebrated Jumping Frog" by Mark Twain, GIS investigations of the Mississippi River and other student research activities.  This activity originated with 7th graders studying The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and "The Million Pound Bank Note", but is applicable with any of Twain's works.  The GIS portion of the activity has instructions for use with AEJEE, ArcView 3.x and ArcView9.

Download Twain's Travels (*.PDF, 2MB)

Download the GIS data (*.zip, 40MB)

This lesson along with others is available at the Education Community at ESRI

1963- A Journey from North to South

Inspired by The Watsons Go to Birmingham-1963 by Christopher Paul Curtis, this lesson explores the Watson family’s journey from Flint, MI to Birmingham, AL in 1963 as well as several social issues that faced them at this challenging time in American History.  The 1963 unit is designed to accommodate a variety of classroom content and situations.

Want to tryout the latest GIS free tool, ArcGIS Explorer(AGX)?  The 1963 lesson has an AGX  version now...videos are embedded in the map!
Download only the AGX data files (*.zip, 3.9MB)         

Get ArcMap version at ArcLessons or use the new ArcGIS Online(search for "watsons") to use the data.
Download the ArcMap version here
or use the Online Map
Earth, Wind and Fire: Language Arts Collides with Geography 

This lesson pack includes the ESRI 2009 presentation and the ArcGIS project and data for connecting students to the Earth –Holes by Louis Sachar (middle school), Wind –Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston (high school), and Fire – “Fire on the Mountain” an Ethiopian Folktale (elementary school).  Refer to the Resources section of the Lesson Information document for a myriad of information related to each topic. 

Download the AEJEE version Data and Docs (*.zip, 25.9 MB)
Download the ArcGIS version Data and Docs(*.zip, 33.4MB)   
Online Map

Translating Joined data from ArcMap 9.x to AEJEE

How to Export Data (Creating your own shapefiles) in ArcMap 9.x  For my friends at the Rural STEM's your requested item.  In the old days we called this "covert to shapefile" but now it's exporting data.  You can easily take large data sets and make them more meaningful by selecting your smaller data set, exporting the data and saving it as a new 6 easy steps. 

HOW TO EXPORT in ArcMap9 (*.pdf)


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