It’s great to meet in person at the various events around the country.  Please say hello, share the geo-goodies and think spatially!

Missouri Geographic Alliance Geography Conference 2013

Come see me at the Esri Education Users Conference in July 2013 or the NCGE Conference in August 2013!

LACUE December 2012 -GIS Resources GIS Curriculum and Links Handout (*.PDF)

T.S. Spivet gives perspective

i Companion Questions The *.pdf document contains an introduction, map link and questions for all the chapters.  They were  created originally for a bright 6th grader. My friend, Ninja, and I set out on an epic journey of our own this past academic year.  As part...

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Camp GeoReading – July in New Hampshire

Geospatial Enlightenment for Reading & Writing Join us for this three-day adventure in thinking outside the book. This institute, focused on integrating mapping, spatial literacy, and analysis into reading and writing instruction, is designed for any level of...

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Story Maps and Geospatial Fun at Esri EdUC 2016

 A Louisiana State Story - Utilizing Story Maps to Teach State History Join me Saturday, June 25, 2016, 1:30-2:45pm in the Coronado room! If you can’t be there, here is my storymap/presentation for you.  Chat maps and such! Stop by the GISetc...

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Texas in February for TCEA 2016

UPDATE: My handout from the session, click here. If you’re looking for cool things related to geospatial technology, digital maps, interactive online mapping….and need it to be free for your school. (Yes, FREE! No catch…really!) Join the TCEA GEOSIG at one of these...

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42 ideas GIS in Education

Fresh from our presentation at the Esri edUC with a salute to Douglas Adams’ Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Shannon White and I present 42 ideas and resources that may help educators and geomentors in their quest to integrate GIS, GPS and geography into...

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Going Places

Thanks to the Louisiana Resource Center for Educators for hosting me at the Mighty Maps workshop! For the teacher, here’s a PDF of the presentation, GIS for Common Core and Special Needs_LGA2015. Happy...

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Thanks to all the fine educators and students that came to my GIS workshops today! The presentation links are listed here: Getting Started with ArcGIS Online The Power of Story Maps ...

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