T.S. Spivet gives perspective

T.S. Spivet gives perspective

Companion Questions

The *.pdf document contains an introduction, map link and questions for all the chapters.  They were  created originally for a bright 6th grader.

My friend, Ninja, and I set out on an epic journey of our own this past academic year.  As part of our adventure, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to include T.S. Spivet’s adventure.  I looked high and low for lesson plans or activities (Why reinvent the wheel?!) but did not find it.

I created a set of Companion Questions to accompany an academic exploration of Reif Larsen’s The Selected Works of T.S. Spivet.

I’m sharing them here and hope that you and your students pack your bag and go exploring!


Texas in February for TCEA 2016

Texas in February for TCEA 2016

i'm presenting at tcea 2016

UPDATE: My handout from the session, click here.

If you’re looking for cool things related to geospatial technology, digital maps, interactive online mapping….and need it to be free for your school. (Yes, FREE! No catch…really!)

Join the TCEA GEOSIG at one of these presentation during the annual conference in February!

geo sig logo outlines


Elementary Social Studies: Thinking Spatially

12:00-1 pm in Room 17A

Tom Baker & Anita Palmer

Connect with Your Community Using 21st Century Tools

3:30pm-5pm  in Room 6B

Carolyn Mitchell & Roger Palmer


Enhancing Social Studies with Digital Maps

1:30-3pm in Room 4A

Tom Baker, Anita Palmer & Chris Bunin

Dead Authors, Dusty Books and Mapping Their Connections

1:30-3pm  in Room 6B

Barbaree Duke


GEO-SIG Luncheon: Dining with Drones

11:30-1:30 in Hilton Room 415AB

The Watsons Go To Birmingham-a story map update

The Watsons Go To Birmingham-a story map update

Here’s an update http://bit.ly/1s6nOC6 to my lesson on The Watsons Go to Birmingham-1963 by Christopher Paul Curtis.

A new story map version of the popular lesson

I have created an update that utilizes the new map journal template.  This new template enabled me to embed the lesson with pictures, websites and multiple maps.  The student questions are embedded in the online interface but if you need a printed handout…that’s here.

Get your students thinking and mapping today!

The Power of Questions in Lesson Planning

The Power of Questions in Lesson Planning

Because much of my work these days is based in geospatial technologies, the notion of questions and problem solving is common among my colleagues’ discussions; however, that’s not the same elsewhere.  As you plan your next year’s activities, perhaps we need to examine the right questions.

When you’re creating and planning experiences for students in the classroom, I like to consider the top questions that remind me of my English teacher days and teaching short story anatomy.

WHO: author, audience, subject

WHEN: context, history, time, year

WHERE: place, era, region, location

HOW: methods, plans, philosophy, organization, structure

WHY: purpose, explain, analyze, think, investigate, research

WHAT’S NEXT: plan, propose, conclude, consult

WHAT IF: suppose, conclude, plan, conjecture, imagine

And, ultimately the big question gets answered, “Why do I need to know this?”


Oh Canada!

Happy Victoria Day to our northern neighbours! (That’s a day celebrating Queen Victoria’s birthday with merriment and festivities!)

I have the honor of hearing many great geographers and scholars in my job as the Webinar Coordinator for the National Council for Geographic Education.  This past Wednesday, our topic was Canada with Dave McDowell.  He did a beautiful job sharing how we share so many aspects of climate, geography and population.    In addition, he highlighted some amazing differences that present excellent examples to discuss in your classroom when comparing countries. He shared some excellent resources that I’m sure can benefit many folks out there!

Dave’s Resources:


Reading, Writing and Thinking for Any Gadget

Reading, Writing and Thinking for Any Gadget

book cover image for reading, writing and thinking around the globe

I’ve been busy making books accessible in multiple formats over the last few months.  My book is now available in digital PDF, Kindle and of course the good ol’ print version.  In the coming weeks look for all the Carte Diem Press titles in multiple digital formats for your easy access to geospatial curriculum!

The whole team at GISetc is working hard to bring you everything you need to be geospatially successful in your environment…great deals on Esri Press books, buttons and fun stuff as well as solid lessons and activities for any age or environment.  We even encourage you to get outdoors with our GPS books!

Worried about the standards and how you can integrate geospatial technology and geography? Then, worry no more!  We have you covered on the standards as well!  All of our books are aligned to the Technology, Geography and Common Core ELA standards!

If you need books in bulk, they’ve got you covered too!  Just zap an email to the staff and they’ll quote you a bulk discount.

Stay posted on all the latest from GISetc as well as free resources by liking our Facebook page or joining the list to get the latest info and resources once a month or so.