Geospatial Enlightenment for Reading & Writing

Join us for this three-day adventure in thinking outside the book. This institute, focused on integrating mapping, spatial literacy, and analysis into reading and writing instruction, is designed for any level of geospatial experience, novice through expert. Explore ready-made lessons centered around classic literature, non-fiction and content area reading. Learn how outdoor experiences can give students perspective. Create your own mapping experiences for students. Bring a book, story, article or content area reading with you to build your own multidisciplinary, differentiated learning experience for your students. You might consider working with a team of teachers to implement a cross-curricular, thematic approach. All activities will utilize ArcGIS Online in a web browser, which can be used on Macs, PCs and mobile devices.

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Summer Spatial Institutes

  • Geospatial 101
  • Web Maps Galore
  • ArcGIS Online Organizations: How will I ever manage?
  • Watershed Ecology Institute
  • Signs of Politics and Signs of Habitats: Analysis with ArcGIS Online
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