Creative Curriculum Integration and GIS in Education

with Barbaree Ash Duke

Integrating technology, geography, sciences and more with traditional classroom content is the focus of my work. Geospatial technologies offer many simple ways to connect students to their studies while actively engaging them in their learning. Come explore the possibilities with me!

Creative Curriculum Integration and GIS in Education - with Barbaree Ash Duke

The Watsons Go To Birmingham-a story map update

Here’s an update to my lesson on The Watsons Go to Birmingham-1963 by Christopher Paul Curtis.

A new story map version of the popular lesson

I have created an update that utilizes the new map journal template.  This new template enabled me to embed the lesson with pictures, websites and multiple maps.  The student questions are embedded in the online interface but if you need a printed handout…that’s here.

Get your students thinking and mapping today!

NCGE 2014: Teaching Standards…and cool new story map





Thanks to all the folks that came to my session this morning.  We had fun talking about maps, apps and how we use geography as a “universal language” to create valuable connections for students.

The map journal (story map template) that I used today as my “presentation” tool is an elegant way to share information.

Check out the presentation from today or build your own story map – map journal!


Esri EdUC 2014: GIS for Common Core


Home base for using GIS to teach Common Core Standards

Each year, I’m challenged to continue creating resources and materials that are relevant and useful.  Last summer, I debuted my correlation between using Story Maps from Esri to using in Common Core reading instruction.

This summer I have added Common Core Math to the collection and created a home base portal to keep us all organized.

I have not exhausted all the possibilities available in geospatial technologies to do a great job integrating these powerful tools into the Common Core Standards or classroom lessons.  I believe these indexes serve as a “jumping off place” or “kickstarter” for your own applications.

I’m presenting these new creations at the Esri EdUC 2014 on Saturday, July 12th at 3:15pm in La Costa.  Join us for a great session!

John Steinbeck and His Novels

I’m often asked the question, “Do you have a GIS lesson for …..?”  These come in many varieties and I keep a running list of those requests.  One came today from a colleague, who was sure that I had created a Steinbeck, Of Mice and Men lesson.  Although I’ve taught that novel to my students over the years, I didn’t have a ready-made GIS lesson to send him.

With great tools like ArcGIS Online, I was able to quickly put together a simple map and point to some other great resources by Rick Thomas within the map.

Happy Earth Day!

Map of influences in Steinbeck’s life and novels
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