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Texas in February for TCEA 2016

UPDATE: My handout from the session, click here. If you’re looking for cool things related to geospatial technology, digital maps, interactive online mapping….and need it to be free for your school. (Yes, FREE! No catch…really!) Join the TCEA GEOSIG at one of these...
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42 ideas GIS in Education

Fresh from our presentation at the Esri edUC with a salute to Douglas Adams’ Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Shannon White and I present 42 ideas and resources that may help educators and geomentors in their quest to integrate GIS, GPS and geography into...
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Going Places

Thanks to the Louisiana Resource Center for Educators for hosting me at the Mighty Maps workshop! For the teacher, here’s a PDF of the presentation, GIS for Common Core and Special Needs_LGA2015. Happy...
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Thanks to all the fine educators and students that came to my GIS workshops today! The presentation links are listed here: Getting Started with ArcGIS Online The Power of Story Maps ...
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Fake Geocaching

Geocaching is so popular.  We love it too!  When you want to take that fun idea and make it educational and on your school campus, there are some obstacles.  First, you can’t put official caches on the campus.  You might not have GPS units.  If you want to use...
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The Watsons Go To Birmingham-a story map update

Here’s an update to my lesson on The Watsons Go to Birmingham-1963 by Christopher Paul Curtis. I have created an update that utilizes the new map journal template.  This new template enabled me to embed the lesson with pictures,...
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NCGE 2014: Teaching Standards…and cool new story map

      Thanks to all the folks that came to my session this morning.  We had fun talking about maps, apps and how we use geography as a “universal language” to create valuable connections for students. The map journal (story map template)...
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